Our Town.
Our Time.
Our Choice.


Our Purpose

We are advocating for unifying the communities for the betterment of the Lake Gregory area.


Our Goal

  We are working to rally support of residents for incorporation, as the most effective way to ensure a community-based vision for future. 

Basic Explanation

What is Incorporation?

Forming our own local government to give our community a  voice.

What does it mean to me?

The ability to have a defined say in deciding 

local concerns.

Our Town

The people of the Lake Gregory area are passionate about this area. Together, we share a dream of small-town mountain living. As supporters of incorporation, we believe local control can better preserve and enhance that dream.

Our Time

This is the moment to act to safeguard what we love about our community and ensure a healthy, vibrant future. Towns that incorporate enjoy more financial opportunities, some of which are just emerging.

Our Choice

Our efforts are aimed at giving registered voters in our community a chance to vote on incorporation. It is not a decision of any one person or committee. It is a choice all of us will get to make.

Wondering how?

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Join the Cause



There are so many ways to help! This is a volunteer movement and we look forward to spending time with you bettering our community.

I will Help

Financial Support


This is a community funded movement. Your financial support is needed to make this possible!

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