Our Plan


  Our plan is simple

 Local control of tax revenues and key services. We strongly believe that will improve our direction and enhance services to the communities of Lake Gregory.

Included Services:

Building and Planning, Emergency Services, Parks and Recreation, & Community Development

Included Communities:

Crestline, Crest Forest, Valley of Enchantment, Cedarpines Park, Dart Canyon, Valley of the Moon, San Moritz, & a portion of Twin Peaks

To learn more, read our FAQs and our supporting documents.

The Process


What is LAFCO?

The Local Agency Formation Commission of San Bernardino County. It regulates the creation of new cities. Here is their Website

Wondering who is leading this?

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There are so many ways to help! This is a volunteer movement and we look forward to spending time with you bettering our community.

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Financial Support


This is a community funded movement. Your financial support is needed to make this possible!

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