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Our Purpose

We are advocating for unifying the communities for the betterment of the Lake Gregory area.


Our Goal

  We are working to rally support of residents for incorporation, as the most effective way to ensure a community-based vision for future. 


Our Plan

  Local control of tax revenues and key services. We strongly believe that will improve our direction and enhance services to the communities of Lake Gregory.

Included Services:

Building and Planning, Emergency Services, Parks and Recreation, & Community Development

Included Communities:

Crestline, Crest Forest, Valley of Enchantment, Cedarpines Park, Dart Canyon, Valley of the Moon, San Moritz, & a portion of Twin Peaks

To learn more, read our FAQs and our supporting documents.

Meet the founding members of the Incorporate Lake Gregory Committee

Bill Mellinger, Pastor, Crestline First Baptist

Steve Garcia, Camp Director, Thousand Pines Christian Camp
Michael Johnstone, Goodwin & Sons Market
John Short, Attorney, Crestline/Lake Gregory Chamber of Commerce
Penny Shubnell, Senior Citizens Advocate

Each member actively contributes to the betterment of the area by volunteering their time and talents in the spirit of community.


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There are so many ways to help! This is a volunteer movement and we look forward to spending time with you bettering our community.

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This is a community funded movement. Your financial support is needed to make this possible! Click Here to see a list of big ticket costs.

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